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About Adventure X
Who we are
Adventure X is a Japanese company that in partnership with the best brands of detectors in the world, seeks to bring this fascinating hobby that is metal detecting to Japan.
Founded in order to expand the way of fun and leisure in Japan, providing the best equipment on the market with quality assurance.
Adventure X is an authorized dealer of White's Electronics and Nokta / Makro, any product can be purchased from Adventure X's online store or on order.
We offer a 1-year warranty for products purchased in Adventure X. To find out more, see the warranty guide.
For questions and suggestions, please contact us.
Find lost stories, discover new ways.
We at Adventure X recommend this hobby that does very well for both body and mind.
Every place visited and every discovery, a different emotion. And we say that because we are also lovers of metal detecting and adventures.
We hope you also feel this emotion, be ADVENTURER!
Office address:
Aichi Ken Obu Shi Toshin Cho 4-86 White City Toshin 〒474-0073
Do I need to have any license documents to practice the metal detecting in Japan?
The metal detecting is a hobby that does not need license to practice, it would be like fishing, soccer, etc ...
Do I need to notify the police what I found?
Items of current value should be taken to the police and reported the finding.
How long will I have to wait after delivering an item to the police?
The deadline is 3 months of waiting, if the owner does not appear you become the owner of the item.
What if the owner of the item appears?
If in the waiting period (3 months) the owner appears, you are compensated with a % of the value of the item that was found, paid by the owner of the item.
How deep can a detector detect?
This varies according to the size and type of the buried object. The larger the object size, the deeper the range of the detector.
Does a metal detector also detect diamonds?
No, metal detectors are to find ferrous and non-ferrous metals, you can find diamond jewelry, but there is metal (gold, silver, etc.) and not only diamond.
Are all detectors the same?
Certainly not. We can give a comparative example of metal detectors with vehicles, each model has its different characteristics and functions that will be best used.
What is the difference between PI and VLF technology?
The PI technology is non-discriminating, ie it always works in all metal modes, unlike VLF technology that allows you to discriminate (Choose the type of metal you want or do not want to find).
Is there gold in Japan?
Yes, it is possible to find natural gold in Japan. There are many unexplored gold areas in Japan.
Metal detecting is a hobby that you do not need to have a license document to practice.
In Japan there is no specific law for metal detecting, but there is a law on discoveries and losses on some items found (Law No. 73 of June 15, 2006) is applied.

A law applied not only in Japan, but in several other countries, would be on private property.
It is a crime to invade private property. Always ask the owner for authorization before doing any type of on-site research.

For more information on locations and rules, contact your local prefecture.
Product Warranty
The Adventure X offers a 1-year warranty on the control box and system of device for manufacturing defects, and 3 months for coil and rod.
There will be no warranty for situations such as:
-When using the detector, hit the detector very hard breaking the rod.
-Product that does not offer underwater performance or rain proof being used as waterproof.
- When you try to open the detector you will lose your warranty.
We do not offer warranty with problems due to misuse of products.
There will be analysis on the cause of the problem, and so it can be resolved at a different date for each situation.
When activating the warranty, the cost of the shipping is paid by the applicant.
To activate the warranty send us an e-mail through the contact tab or by phone 080-3676-9580.